Welcome to Pack 403 Online!


One of the key concepts in the Cub Scout Law is the relationship between Leaders (Akela), the Cub Scouts and the Pack. In order to have a robust organization, these relationships need to be functional and supportive. Therefore, tools and processes need to be in place in order to support these relationships. Likewise, there needs to be a Leadership in place that can drive those tools and processes.

Leaders (Akela) refers to Den Leaders, Committee members, volunteers and Cub Scout Adult Partners, such as a parent, relative or friend.

Leadership can come in many forms and be as simple as the volunteer who greets the scout and their family at the door. The important part is that in order for our organization to fulfill its mission and to meet and exceed expectations, volunteers/leaders must be willing to contribute, even if only in small increments.


Meet Our Leaders


Cubmaster: Nate Clark - cubmaster@cubscoutpack403.com

Assitant Cubmaster: Caitlin Clark - asstcubmaster@cubscoutpack403.com

Committee Chair: Trey Tyler - committeechair@cubscoutpack403.com 

Treasurer: Kristi Ullrich - treasurer@cubscoutpack403.com 

Webmaster: Andrew McAndrew - webmaster@cubscoutpack403.com

Fundraising: Sarah Tyler - fundraising@cubscoutpack403.com

Advance Coordinator: Claire Richardson - advancecoordinator@cubscoutpack403.com

Den 1: Lion (Kindergarten)

Den 2: Tiger (1st Grade) - Rich Jardin tiger@cubscoutpack403.com 

Den 3: Arrow of Light (5th Grade) - Bob Morgan - arrowoflight@cubscoutpack403.com 
                  Assistant Den Leader:  Dennis Vidmar - asstarrowoflight@cubscoutpack403.com

Den 4: Bear (3rd Grade) - Conor Bint - bear@cubscoutpack403.com 
                  Assistant Den Leader: Steve Gramms - asstbear@cubscoutpack403.com

Den 5: Webelos (4th Grade) - Andrew McAndrew webelos@cubscoutpack403.com

Den 6: Wolf (2nd Grade) -John Becker- tiger@cubscoutpack403.com 
                  Assistant Den Leader: Javier Pacheco - asstwolf@cubscoutpack403.com


Quartermaster -  TBD