Volunteer Positions for Pack 403

Pack 403 Volunteer Positions - 2023-2024 Year

(reference from scouting.org)

Many roles could be filled by a small team of 2 or 3 if you don’t want to do them alone. 

Mentors available for all roles!

Training available for all roles!

Required Positions


Current - Nate Clark

Most Recent Matt Muehe 

Conduct pack meetings and serve as the master of ceremonies for pack wide meetings\events

Ensure pack meetings have a planned topic

Committee Chair

Current - Braeden Borkovich 

Assistant for 2023-2024 and Chair for 2024-2025 - Gregory Busch

Most Recent Braeden Borkovich

Coordinate\Chair Pack Committee meetings and plan agendas

Ensure other roles are filled

Ensures annual recharter activities are completed

Communicate with the pack on the pack wide calendar and events

Ensure leaders are aware of training requirements and that they complete training before recharter

Den Leader - Lion (Kindergarten)

Current Nick Tran

Most Recent - Gregory Busch

Den Leader - Tiger Den (1st Grade)

Current - Gregory Busch

Most Recent - Phil Flick\Matt Muehe

Den Leader - Wolf Den (2nd Grade)

Current - Matthew McCowan

Most Recent - Jason Archuleta

Den Leader - Bear (3rd Grade)

Current - Jason Archuleta

Most Recent - Ian Nicas

Den Leader - Webelos (4th Grade)

Current - Ian Nicas

Most Recent - Nate Clark

Den Leader - Arrow of Light (5th Grade)

Current - Nate Clark

Most Recent - John Becker

Advancement Chair

Current - Benjamin Speer

Most Recent - Javier Pacheco 

Coordinate with the Den Leaders to ensure Advancement is entered in Scoutbook and the purchase the awards for presentation at Pack Meetings

Also purchases awards for pinewood derby


Current - Andy Ward 

Assistant for 2023-2024 and Treasurer for 2024-2025 - Jason Archuleta

Maintain bank account for the pack

Maintain accounts for other forms of payment (Paypal, Square, etc)

Receive and process dues and other payments for the pack

Provide regular reports to the committee on the finances of the pack

Reimburse expenses for the pack 


Current Open and Must Fill

Most Recent Alex Chandy

Maintain the storage unit that the pack pays for

Ensure keys and payments are kept up with

Ensure someone retrieves items like flags from storage for each pack meeting and for other events

Once a year, inventory the “consumable” items (books, hats, shirts, etc)  for the pack and purchase replenishment as needed before the first meeting in the fall.

Fundraising Lead

Current Open and Must Fill

Most Recent None

Coordinate popcorn sales or other fundraising.   Work with the rest of the committee to decide what fundraising goals to set for the pack.

Would be best if this role started in the mid-Summer to allow time for planning, purchasing popcorn and reserving places to set up sales booths (ACE, HEB, Kroger, etc) in the Fall


Current Open and Must Fill

Most Recent Andy Ward

Ensure the Pack website stays up to date and working

Ensure the website with events, etc

Once a year event Roles

Consider assigning events to each Den

Special Event Coordinator(s)

Coordinate one or more of the special pack wide special events.  

Previous examples have been campouts, overnights at museums, Monster Jam, etc

Beginning of the year publicity

Would be best if this role started in the mid-Summer so that they can be prepared

Reach out to local schools and any other potential areas to recruit new scouts.

Manage and encourage social media posting for the pack including pack Facebook group

Pinewood Derby Coordinator

Coordinate the Pinewood Derby event.   

Ensure pinewood derby kits are distributed

Ensure Volunteers are in place for the event

Other volunteers for pieces of the event (food, starters, checkin, master of ceremonies, etc)

Pack Meeting special Activity Coordinate

Coordinate a special Activity for a Pack meeting

Other Roles that would help greatly

It is possible and possibly even a best practice to have assistant Den Leaders fill these roles, but filling them with Den Leaders is not recommended.

Assistant Cubmaster

Act as backup for the Cubmaster.    May replace Cubmaster in a future year.


Take minutes at Committee meetings and maintain the records of the pack (filled by the Committee Chair if unfilled)

May also shadow the committee chair and train to take the role in the following year.

Assistant Treasurer

Act as backup for the Treasurer.    

May replace Treasurer in a future year.